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When we talk about Search Engine Optimisation, there are three main components in the process, on page, off page & technical SEO.

On page SEO follows a set of rules to determine if your website, page or blog post is fully optimised for search engines. These rules consist of certain conditions you need to fulfil, in order to make your site’s ranking higher. There are various techniques that modern search engines look for when they crawl websites and rank them according to their algorithm.

The purpose of on page SEO is to increase your site or blog’s visibility in Search Engines and improve traffic. There are various techniques that you can employ to boost your site’s performance in SERPs.

Meta Data Optimisation

On Page SEO Services we Provide

Meta Data Optimisation

Meta Data is a very important component of on page SEO. Search engines use this data to determine what your site is about. This data includes the title tags, description tags (meta description), Keywords and “robots” meta tag. This is what search engines use to index your website and determine if it is relevant to a certain search query. The title tag appears at the top of every search result, so if you want people to find your site when they are searching for specific keywords, then keeping your title tag optimised is extremely important.

Content Strategy, Templates & Copywriting

Writing great content is important, and Lloyds SEO can help you do just that. Content is a very important part of Search Engine Optimisation because it helps search engines understand the context of your site, but it also helps users find what they are looking for. A good content strategy should focus on meeting the needs of your target audience, but also have the detail and expertise that search engines need. We follow the E-A-T principals (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust).

Content Strategy
Internal Link Optimisation

Internal Link Optimisation

Internal linking is a process of adding links within a website or blog post to direct visitors to other relevant pages on your website or blog. These links also help search engines better understand the context of your site. Internal linking is an important part of On Page SEO and it is often overlooked. A good internal linking structure should be optimised for both search engines and users.

UX & CTR Optimisation

If your website is difficult to navigate or use, then users will leave and you will lose the chance of converting that potential customer. The quality of any website is determined by its user experience. Good UX enhances the overall user experience leading to better conversions for your company or organisation. Lloyds SEO can help you ensure that your website has a good user experience and delivers good user captivation rates. It’s not just users that like good design, search engines like Google do too. Bad user experience and poor site speed can hurt your SEO efforts.

Page Designs

Page designs are very important for SEO. Considerations must be made for user experience & mobile friendliness.

When considering a page design, search engines must also have easy access to the content on that page, not just in terms of words, but also code.

Lloyds SEO starts with a wireframe to sketch out the important feature of the page, before work begins on the final design, this ensures that we fully understand the requirements of the page. Our designs are then sent to our developers to begin coding the page and bringing it to life.

There are many design considerations when optimising for SEO, and we have many years’ of experience in designing and building landing pages.


FAQ stands for frequently asked questions. FAQs are a good way for users to find quick answers to problems, they also appear within the search results of Google and other search engines.

An actively updated FAQ page on your website or blog can improve user experience, rank well in SERPs, attract new customers and build trust for your brand. Most importantly, FAQs build confidence around your product offering which in turn should lead to a higher conversion rate. Furthermore, FAQ’s are a good way to optimise your website for voice search.


Schema is a form of structured data that can be used by search engines to easily index web pages. The purpose of using schema on your web pages is to increase its visibility in SERPs and improve your CTR in organic traffic. An example of this is FAQ schema.

Schema was introduced by Google in 2012 and since then it has been used by many businesses around the world. Lloyds SEO can help you take advantage of Schema on your website pages which will help you maximise SERP traffic for your intended audience.

Why On Page SEO is Important

If you don’t have a well optimised website or blog post, your site will not rank well in search engines. This ultimately means that no one can find your website or blog post on search engines and you will be wasting your money on SEO.

It is important that you seek a professional to help with your brand content plan, and producing content that is similar in nature to other pages on your site could work against you, resulting in 1 or more pages being de-indexed.

Lloyds SEO has many years of experience in managing content creation, from the planning phase through to content writing and optimisation, our on page SEO services have been proven to work time after time.

Satisfy User Search Intent

If you want to create content for your website that is SEO friendly and satisfies user search intent, Lloyds SEO can help. We create responsive web content that delivers a great user experience and meets the expectations set by our clients.

Producing content that satisfies the users’ search intent requires in-depth knowledge of many different industries, and Lloyds SEO has worked in many including healthcare, forex, e-commerce, travel and many more.

We use real data to analyse keyword sets to identify those that generate higher CTR’s, engagements on site and ultimately, conversions.

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