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Off Page SEO & Link Building

The ultimate goal of your website is to bring in more customers by answering their queries.

To do this, you need to make sure that your website ranks higher on the search engine pages. One of the most important SEO ranking factors that determines this, is the number of quality links from high authoritative domains pointing to your website.

But what are these individual factors? What are their impact on a website’s ranking and success? We will answer these questions and explain why link building and off page SEO are so important to higher rankings.

Link Building

Link building is a necessary part of SEO that helps to improve your website’s ranking and visibility. It basically involves having links to your website from other websites, also known as external backlinks.

Why Does Link Building Help?

Link building helps your website rank higher in the search results because Google and other search engines view links as votes towards your website.

As explained by Matt Cutts, a well-known software engineer who previously worked at Google:

“When we crawl the web to build our search index, we count links as votes. The more votes you have, the more likely you are to rank highly.”

So if people are linking to your website from external sources, this is saying that they like your site or content. And Google uses these ‘votes’ from backlinks for ranking websites on their SERP’s (search engine results pages).

Here at Lloyds SEO, we use a number of techniques to gain links to your site. From PR platforms like Gorkana to manual link building & outreach, our expertise allows us to find strong links for your niche.

Quality not Quantity

But Google doesn’t just look at the amount of backlinks to determine your ranking. It also looks at their quality.

Google likes quality & diversity over quantity so it is more important to build and maintain links that are relevant to your website and business.

Let’s say you have a site about football, you don’t want 40 links from unrelated sites with little or no relevance to your niche. Instead, you want links from niche related sites with relevant content within their pages (sports related categories). This way, Google knows that these websites have reviewed or rated your site positively based on its content and they’ve found value in it.

We use sophisticated tools to target those domain categorise that best fit your industry.

Natural not Unnatural

Google also considers links from websites to be natural if it’s built organically. Here natural means that the website linking to you is a site that readers would likely visit and enjoy. In other words, it’s not your friend’s personal blog, but rather the big newspaper sites or your industry leading publications.

Why? These domains are more trusted by Google due to their large readership base. They are more likely to have writers who produce quality content for their niche as compared to a personal blog. And by being published here, it shows Google that they like your page and link to it because of its quality content.

But it’s not just the link itself that needs to be natural, the linking text (also known as anchor text) should also have a natural profile.

If you’re website has lots of links with “click me” as the linking text, or worse, appears keyword stuffed, this can also harm your site’s performance in the SERP results. A good anchor text profile should consist of the brand name, and a mixture of different keywords as the linking text (including “click me” linking text).

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