SEO Strategy

Before you look at improving your search visibility, it doesn’t hurt to have a solid SEO Strategy beforehand.

By plan we mean:

  • Understand your target audiences and their search intent

  • Understand your core products and services from the top level down

  • Understand how visitors will interact with your site, its pages and construct a funnel to help users find the information they need.

  • Understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses to identify quick wins and opportunities

  • Identify keywords & topics that are relevant to your business

Once you have a solid plan in place, you can then start to map out your content plan into relevant topics (Content Silos) and begin building the pages.

SEO Strategy

On Page SEO

Once you have a plan in place, it’s time to start building out the pages on your site. Content should be structured in such a way that it provides answers to the users search query. However, for content to rank well it requires far more than just words on a page.

On Page SEO

Meta Data and Internal links

Optimizing page titles and meta descriptions will have a positive impact on rankings, but they also have a huge impact on click-through rates as well.

Optimizing metadata can be done at scale using Google Tag Manager or via many CMS platforms such as Magento or WordPress.

Internal links should always be considered when producing page plans because they help to form a user sales funnel and assist search engines in understanding the relationship between pages.

Page design

Page designs are becoming more and more important. Care and attention should be considered for mobile users, and content needs to be structured in such a way that a mobile user is able to navigate the page without scrolling through blocks and blocks of content.

From 2021, Google will be rolling out updates around page experience on mobile devices, and will cover areas such as page speed and mobile experience.

Therefore, page designs should consider navigation, images, call to actions and page load times.

We provide a number of page design solutions, covering individual pages through to entire websites. From wireframing through to deployment, each stage of the design phase considers the target audience and their journey through the marketing funnel.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is more than just link building, there are far more ways to improve your brand’s visibility (while building your link profile).

Off Page SEO & Linkbuilding

Directory sites and award schemes (best hotels award etc…)

Info-graphics and videos (guides work well)

Third-party information sites (referral sites)

Daily deal and coupon sites (Groupon)

Marketplaces (yes eBay and Amazon)

Social channels (Pinterest is trendy for certain industries)

PR sites (Gorkana etc..)

Competitions and prize giveaways (can be good link generators)

Linkbuilding is a tactical game. You find various services on the web that promise “high domain links”, many of which are likely spam or ignored altogether by Google and other search engines.

The truth is, 9/10 will never respond to a bulk email campaign, and those that do will be more than likely “auto responses”.

To succeed you have to have something of value to offer. Crafting the perfect outreach campaign takes many hours of research, planning and implementing.

We can help you to produce campaigns that work for your target demographic, by utilising a holistic approach and building relationships with other webmasters long term.

You may have come across some strange links pointing to your site? Perhaps you’ve had an influx of links in a short period of time and need a professional to analyse them.

It’s even possible that competitors are targeting your brand with suspicious links, or generating fake PR in an attempt to hurt your business. I can put a stop to that.

If you’ve recently been hit with a penalty or you’ve noticed a drop in rankings or traffic, please reach out for a free consultation

Here’s What You Get with Our Professional Services

You can get an edge on the competition with a strong, integrated strategy that combines content marketing, research, technical SEO, social media, paid strategies, and other elements of online marketing.

When it all comes together in a single, unified strategy, you can expect:

Here’s What You Get with Our Professional Services

You can get an edge on the competition with a strong, integrated strategy that combines content marketing, research, technical SEO, social media, paid strategies, and other elements of online marketing.

When it all comes together in a single, unified strategy, you can expect:

Which SEO Solution is right for you?


SEO services are essential to any business that wants to drive online revenue and traffic. The importance of online market shares in your industry will vary, though it is important for all brands in all industries to have a prominent position online. Being at the forefront of your industry in the online world will ensure that your business’s website is generating traffic, customers, and growing.

SEO services may also include other important items, such as content creation. Content on your website and other properties needs to appeal to users, as well as the search engines. Ensuring that your content is descriptive, unique, and beneficial to potential customers is a great way to grow the website’s traffic, and to increase rankings for specific keywords. If your content is low-quality and serves no purpose, users will leave your website and search engines may neglect to rank your page in a high-ranking position in the SERPs. 

There’s no exact formula. SEO depends on a myriad of factors which means that each case is different.

A large website with a good foundation and plenty of links may see results in a very short space of time, while a smaller or newly established website may have to wait longer. SEO is an ongoing process. Investing in SEO is investing in your long-term success and sustainability as a business.

Search engines are built around search algorithms that consist of over 200 ranking factors to determine and display the most relevant and high-quality websites in the search results. It is the role of SEO specialists to understand these algorithms and factors and optimize websites accordingly. To learn more about the nuances behind SEO activities, check out our comprehensive SEO guide.
Before we start work, we first need to understand your business and your goals to determine whether we are going to be the right fit. To get started, use the contact form below to book an SEO consultation with an SEO professional. You’ll speak to SEO experts, not salespeople that will give you an impartial overview of your website, current market position, and the work required to get you to where you need to be. You can then use that information to inform your next decision.

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